A long and proud history of commerce, education and culture.

Lancaster has more than its share of attractions to entertain you during your visit. Try not to miss these, they're all just a short walk from our serviced apartments in Lancaster city centre. 

Lancaster City Museum
Maritime Museum
Judges Lodgings

Williamson Park

For more sedentary entertainment, on one of our occasional rainy days perhaps, Lancaster is blessed with a vibrant arts scene including great independent theatres and cinema.

Duke’s Theatre



For more ideas visit the tourist sites for Lancaster and Lancashire


Lancashire Tourism -

And if none of the above suit the mood, there's always the Pub!

Lancaster has a lot of pubs and bars to choose from. Cozy traditional pubs serving local ales and artisan craft lagers with perhaps a smattering of live jazz or folk to contemporary bars with more a more energetic soundtrack. They're all just yards from our serviced apartments so it should only take you a few minutes to get home, even if you're not walking in a straight line!